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Coupon Books

Actual Size: 3" x 7" and includes 16 perforated Coupons per bound Booklet. All book's printed on recycled paper and cover's are accented with colored foil. Artwork features non-gender specific stick people.

Romantic, humorous gift coupons for lovers, married couples, partners, friends, and family member's!!! These coupons never expire and are great for sharing year round. Express a thought or make an irresistable offer to someone special. Give the gift that keeps on giving !!!

Sample Coupon's Included are: "For One ... (Foot Massage, Night Out, Romantic Bath for 2)"

Rainbow Coupon Book ~ $5.50

Sample Coupon's Included are: "For One ... (Apology, Night at the Movie, Backrub, Picnic)"

Coupons from the Heart ~ $5.50

Sample Coupon's Included are: "For One ... (Video Rental, Bag of Candy, Movie, Concert)"

Friends Forever Coupons ~ $5.50


Sample Coupon's Included are: "For One ... (Disposal of Fruitcake, Day Returning Gifts, Drive to See Lights)"

Christmas Coupons ~ $5.50

Sample Coupon's Included are: "For One ... (Day Off From Doing Dishes, Valentine Massage, Day Of Being Right)"

Valentine Coupons from the Heart ~ $5.50

Computer Mouse Pads

Rainbow (Plastic Textured) ~ $8.00

Pride (9" x 7.5") ~ $8.00


Black w/Rainbow (Refillable) ~ $1.95

White w/Rainbow (Refillable) ~ $1.95

Laminated Bookmarks

Rainbow ~ 1.25


Rainbow Triangle ~ $1.25


Rainbow Dream Catcher ~ $1.25


Pride Rings ~ $1.25 (Style May Vary)

Red Ribbon ~ $1.25


Leather Flag ~ $1.25