Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What kinds of merchandise do you sell?

A. We sell party supplies, jewelry, coupon books, and a variety of Pride merchandise, for, and about the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender communities. If there's anything you do not see on our site that you are interested in obtaining, please eMail us to see if we can get it for you, before buying elsewhere.

Q. What kinds of payment do you accept?

A. We accept PayPal (

Q. When will you notify me about my order?

A. You will receive an email within one business day of when we receive your order. If any items are out of stock, back ordered or no longer available and the website hadn't been updated yet, you will receive additional email giving you options and information. You may cancel your backorders at any time by emailing, phoning, or faxing us.

Q. Do you offer any discounts?

A. Yes, 50% OFF Orders of $50.00 or More, as well as, FREE Shipping & Handling for Orders Over $50.00 (after Sale Discount).

Q. What do I do if my order gets lost, damaged, or never arrives?

A. eMail us to let us know what happened, and in most cases we will give you a credit or replacement. See our Return Policy page for more details.

Q. I noticed a page or image is missing. Who should I notify?

A. eMail us, and we will fix it as soon as possible.